For over twenty years we have been developing advanced fleet management solutions and localization services for companies and the Public Administration


We are faced with one of the most demanding challenges of our times, which sees us forced to make the public and personal health coexist with the need to continue with productive activities and work. Divitech provides all its expertise to provide a technological solution to help companies and workers to comply with social distance and to have active contact tracing policies to contrast the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

  • Simple and immediate realization
  • Consolidated BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology
  • Multiple possibilities for reusing technology for other purposes at the end of the period of social distance
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Guaranteed privacy

Each worker is provided with a wearable device (WD) in the shape of a pendant. The WD detects contacts with other workers.

When two WDs are at a distance of 1.5 m for at least 20 seconds, they start a sound and visual warning.

The WDs download warning and contact data to an IoT platform, with which contact tracing is achieved.


GeoWEB is the pinnacle of our production; a world of adjustable and customizable services that integrate with each other perfectly. GeoWEB can be built piece by piece so as to create the best solution for each and every need.

Divitech S.p.A. develops, produces and markets advanced cartographic application; our solutions can be customized and personalized with localization, communication and navigation technology in the sector of Fleet Management and/or Personnel.

Our Company was founded in 1997 as a spin-off of the Telematics department of S.E.P.A. (Societa` Elettronica Per l’Automazione)- the laboratory for technological excellence of Gruppo FIAT, which became part of the Elda Group. Since then, Divitech has been developing top level solutions in the spheres of: telematics, localization and Fleet Management, creation of management and cartographic applications (in the area of client-server), and high profile web applications for both the Public Administration as well as Private sectors. Our expertise in the area of localization and Fleet Management, along with our proven reliability, has enabled us to achieve outstanding results for the specific needs in the ambit of Public Security.


GeoAVM is the complete monitoring, management and certification system for Local Public Transport services. For all requirements ranging from those for complex urban areas through to flexible “on demand” services, GeoAVM is the optimum choice.

Abbiamo fondato Tierra per presentarci in modo competitivo sul mercato globale, senza perdere nulla dell’attenzione che dedichiamo ai nostri clienti. Tierra ha lo spirito internazionale ma la produzione è tutta italiana


From the collaboration with Topcon, world leader in the sector of electronic technology and localization, a joint venture was established for the supply of global scale added-value telematics services, with applications in the industrial vehicle sector for construction and agriculture. A web- based world wide localization service was therefore created for earth moving vehicular systems utilized for the agricultural sector.

The service proposed by Tierra allows:

  • Interaction with the vehicle from a remote (off-site) location;
  • Control of activities;
  • Monitoring of functionalities;
  • Productivity calculations.

GeoDI is the total solution for Fleet Management monitoring in real time. Our solutions range from basic through to complex to localize, recognize fleet usage parameters, or to control driving styles.

For over twenty years, Divitech has been committed to searching for the maximum in technological innovation. This has resulted in our being able to design the best “made-to-measure” solutions for our Clients.


Study, design and realization of:

  • Fleet Management Systems: localization of vehicles; data exchange; emergency management and communication;
  • Vehicular navigation: development and personalization of software for navigation systems;
  • Development of added-value solutions for wide band networks (GPRS, UMTS);
  • Applications for the transmission of data over mobile radio networks (GSM, TETRA);
  • Applications for the management of vector cartographic databases, including in-vehicle.


PL@NET is the family of products created by Divitech for companies that work on a daily basis in the sector of environmental hygiene. Pl@net supplies solutions that integrate headquarters and vehicular localization for companies providing services for municipalities, in particular the collection, transportation and disposal of solid urban waste.

We at Divitech aim to obtain the maximum performance and reliability of our products and solutions. Always.And we are convinced that to achieve these results, there is the need for the best people.

Our developers are trained by the best companies and universities, and we avail ourselves of partnerships with leading companies that guarantee the highest level of professionalism in their sectors. The development of our complex systems is entrusted to skilled telecommunications and electronics engineers, management and IT engineers, as well as mathematicians, so as to achieve the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. We believe that the circulation (brainstorming) of ideas is the necessary measure to continually evolve our solutions and make them more closely meet your needs. For this reason, our team works in a large open space environment in which everyone contributes to the achievement of the goals which we continually self-impose.
GeoCarto is the cartographic motor owned by Divitech – entirely developed and produced by our in-house technicians. Fast, powerful, flexible and totally customizable. GeoCarto is the result of Divitech’s vast experience in the digital cartographic sector, which permits us to offer a product that is adaptable to all requirements for visualization and analysis of geographic data.

After having consigned our products, we continue to attentively follow up on our Client. For us this is not just a duty, rather an occasion for training, permitting us to improve what we do each and every day.


We seek to understand if the system is being used to the best of its potential, if minor adjustments are required, if there are any doubts or questions regarding functionality needing to be addressed, or if a sudden contextual change necessitates small modifications.
This last phase is of such importance to us that we have structured it with care. A team of six people exclusively occupies itself with assistance. Even more importantly, an internal Divitech post-sales Project Manager is available, whose task at the conclusion of all contractual obligations is to follow up on the Client during system utilization, analyzing in the course of construction any possible simplifications, improvements, possible implementations; and to forecast the likelihood of unanticipated critical issues.

At Divitech we are accustomed to stepping outside the square – to think laterally and thus arrive at the best result. We work with commitment and imagination so as to propose to our clients the right solution for every need. Listen to our Clients, provide flexibility, provide performance, and economically competitive; these are the four pillars on which we base our daily work, so as to design the correct personalized solution for you.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow – however, we like to imagine it! For this reason we have created a working team dedicated to discovering unexplored ways and means.


The results we achieve, apart from helping to perfect products, methodologies and services, provide us with new stimuli and thoughts, which are transformed into specific skills and strategic visions for the whole company.
We contribute to the development of the technological “district” in which we take part, collaborating in projects which create ties with the most important universities such as the Politecnico di Torino, the Dipartimento di Informatica (IT Department) dell’Universita` di Torino, along with the top level companies operating in the field of technological innovation.